How your Circadian Rhythm affects your skin

How your Circadian Rhythm affects your skin

What exactly is a Circadian Rhythm?

The Circadian Rhythm is a natural, internal 24-hour clock that determines your sleep - wake cycle. It's influenced by the environment, resetting every day by the sun's dark - light cycle. 

When your circadian rhythm is working effectively, you're more likely to have a peaceful, night's sleep. When it is out of sorts it can cause issues like insomnia and other sleep disturbances. 

How does it affect my skin? 

Researchers have known that your circadian rhythm impacts many functions within your body but now there is evidence that your body clock actually changes the structure of your skin cells throughout the day.

In the evening and while you sleep, there is increased blood flow to the skin. This means that your skin is oxygenated and more receptive to absorbing ingredients. It's a time when your skin rebuilds new cells, increases collagen production and is in 'repair mode'.

During the day, your skin is more on guard. Your cells get busy protecting your skin from unwanted bacteria, chemicals and harmful UV damage. 

So what products should I use? 

We now know that at night skin cells are more receptive to absorbing product. Theoretically, that means your nighttime application of a nourishing serum or oil will have a higher efficacy than if you apply the same ingredient in the morning. 

We also know that at the night your skin is more susceptible to moisture loss. So again, a nourishing serum or hydrating moisturiser will be very effective before bed. 

During the day your skin goes into protection mode. A hydrating hyaluronic acid will help retain moisture throughout the day and applying an oil afterwards will seal in that moisture and help protect your skin. A product with antioxidants is a great choice for daytime. It helps protects skin and works to fight off external pollutants. And of course, use a good SPF, wear a hat as much as possible and reapply your SPF every couple of hours. 

Can I use your serums in the morning and evening?

Absolutely! We took a deep dive into Prickly Pear Seed Oil here, which is the main ingredient in our facial serums. It details just how amazing and versatile this oil can be either as a regenerative night serum or as part of a morning routine. Its emollient qualities mean it's not greasy and sinks in quickly. 

It's an absolute powerhouse; packed full of natural properties that enrich and repair skin, aid skin cell damage and drench skin with the essential moisture it needs. 


Your circadian rhythm governs how your body functions right down to regulating and changing the structure of your skin cells. Skin cells in the morning need protection and antioxidants as they face the daily barrage of pollution, sun's rays and blue light from computers. At night your skin lets down its guard and gets ready to restore and repair skin cells. We know that during this nighttime period, your skin will absorb skincare products more efficiently. By understanding this rhythm you can get more out of your skincare products and wake up looking glowing and refreshed!